Contributing to a Green Planet by Manufacturing Biodegradable Plastics

Manufacture of biodegradable & anti-bacterial plastics

Virgin Plastics is one of the largest manufacturers of oxo-biodegradable and anti-bacterial plastics including garbage bags and shopping bags at the factory located in Ajman, UAE. Virgin was acquired by SMEG in 2017 given the growth in demand for biodegradable plastic products, especially garbage bags for the home segment, and shopping bags for retail brands. The acquisition was seen as a way to extend our presence in the value chain for the portfolio of biodegradable garbage bag brands. Virgin also manufactures industrial packing films, food packaging bags, construction films, converting bags and agricultural films. While Virgin has an independent set of customers across the product range, it also provides a cost and process advantage in the procurement and printing of plastic packaging material. Virgin Plastics also is responsible for the product development and manufacture of Enviro Care, and the other brands in the biodegradable garbage bags portfolio at SMEG Distribution DMCC.

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At Virgin Plastics we take our duty to the planet very seriously. It is because of this reason that we ensure that recycled plastic is incorporated in the manufacturing process so that the dependence on virgin plastic pellets is reduced as time passes. This is a great selling point to our customers and brands as there is a growing awareness across the world, and therefore the importance of making products using oxo-biodegradable technology. We are therefore preferred manufacturing partners for many retail chains who wish to give shopping bags to customers who purchase from them.

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