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SMEG Distribution LLC - Direct Distribution

Extensive Distribution Network in the UAE Distributing owned and managed brands in the UAE

SMEG Distribution LLC manages the direct distribution for Food & Non-Food brands in the UAE through multiple channels depending on the opportunity size and the type of engagement desired. At SMEG, we cover the complete supply chain right through the sourcing of materials, warehousing, logistics, distribution & market placement, and branding & marketing. In addition to our portfolio of owned brands listed above, we are also engaged with marquee brands like Nautilus (Tuna), Paper Boat (Beverages), Australian Pure, ChrixtinaRocca, Tippy's, Organyc, & Set Wet (Personal Care), Cool & Cool, Earth Choice, & Nature's Organic (Home Care), Classmate (Stationery), Americana & Amirah (Food), and Tigex (Child Care). Our market coverage includes the Retail space (Modern Trade, Groceries, and Duty Free Shops), as also Institutions (HORECA & Wholesale), and we enjoy strong relationships with partners like Carrefour, Lulu, Co-Operatives, Spinney's etc. as also the neighbourhood grocery stores.

Zarah Sunflower Oil:
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Enviro Care rolls on display

Zarah Canned Foods:
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If one were to try and express our operations through facts and figures, we manage over 500,000 products across shelves in the hypermarket and supermarket chains as also at the neighbourhood stores. We make over 100 merchandising visits on a daily basis and ensure that our brands are well stocked and displayed properly across stores so that they stand out among the competitive presence and gain share in the purchase basket. Our delivery trucks cumulatively cover over 3000 Kilometers on a daily basis so that our retail partners receive the highest attention and executional excellence, especially during peak periods like the Ramadan month, and when promotional offers are being implemented for the consumers benefit.

Our frontline staff of over 350 members is managed by a team of professionals who train and impart the systems and processes for the ever changing retail market in the UAE. We have made strategic investments to drive Warehouse Automation and enable smooth scaling of order volumes, keeping in mind the trends of the industry and the consumer demand patterns for the coming years and beyond. At the center of our success lie the twin strengths of fiscal discipline and a careful management of the procurement function. Our in-house understanding of branding and marketing is an asset especially for new brands that seek to establish a presence in the lucrative UAE market.

Enviro Care rolls on display

SMEG Distribution LLC - Exports

Serving other Middle Eastern Markets Increasing SMEG Footprint across Middle East & North Africa

The Exports division is managed by an experienced team of professionals who appoint distribution partners across strategic GCC markets and coordinate the supply chain and marketing efforts through their teams. Our team works closely with the on-ground sales and operations teams of our distributors and helps them maintain high standards of executional excellence through hands-on training and sharing of best practices. The current focus is on the non-food part of the SMEG owned brands portfolio. Our range of biodegradable garbage bag brands led by Enviro Care, have been effective in opening and strengthening our presence in the key retail partners across Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

The plan is to expand further by riding on the retail presence of Phoenix Group DMCC in Africa and other continents. We are currently in the process of looking at a second hub in the Middle East region so that we may expand operations through a process oriented distribution and marketing practice. Our team comprises select professionals who have extensive experience with the food and non-food categories in the UAE and the across the other strategic GCC markets. Over time, we also plan to expand our presence to East and West African nations to manage the distribution of our own and agency brands in these markets which have shown phenomenal growth in demand.

Strategic markets served
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