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Platinumcare is the brand that we have built as an entry into the kitchen for non-food products. The demands on the home-maker are immense in catering to the nutritional needs while keeping the menu interesting. Which is where there is a growing trend towards healthy and home-made foods instead of ordering in or eating out. The modern home-makers have included grilling, baking, and fresh foods like salads and preserves in their repertoire, a space that we have become a part of with our range of Platinumcare Aluminium Foils and Cling Wraps.

The Platinumcare range of Aluminium Foils are made with food grade materials that confirm to the highest quality specifications and can be used for grilling, barbecuing, and baking food items. They are also good for use as wrapping for Rolls, Shawarma and Falafal Sandwiches, which are favourites in the region and are often seen as part of the meals prepared for family and friends.

The Platinumcare Cling Films are made with food grade plastic that can also be used in the microwave, unlike products of many of our competitors. Our Cling Film has been tested and certified by SGS Labs (China), an independent laboratory, as safe for use in microwave ovens. The Cling Films also have a wide range of tolerance and retain integrity over a wide range from cold to hot temperatures, therefore being ideal for refrigerating salads and preserves, or wrapping hot sandwiches, wraps, and rolls.

Categories & Variants

The Platinumcare range of Cling Film, Aluminium Foil and other plastic cutlery items

Categories & Variants

  • Platinumcare Aluminium Foil: 30cm width x 25 feet, 30cm width x 37.5 feet, 30cm width x 75 feet, 30cm width x 200 feet
  • Platinumcare Cling Film: 30cm width x 100 feet, 30cm width x 200 feet, 30cm width x 300 feet


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  • Safeer Mall

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