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In today’s world it is important for us to feel confident. How we look plays a very important role in making us put our best step forward. At SMEG Distribution DMCC, we have invested in building brands that bring you just that, at an affordable price.

We have a range of disposable razors – ‘Action Blades’ for men, and ‘Angel’ for women. Made from the finest steel that is moulded into a handle with a user friendly grip, these razors allow you to take care of facial and other hair, leaving you look flawless. Both ‘Action Blades’ and ‘Angel’ are available in value packs of 5 and 10 pieces as also singles. You may use them when you travel or even regularly at home as long as you do not forget to hydrate your skin carefully after.

Under the name ‘Fashion World’ we bring to our consumers a wide range of combs and other grooming accessories. Made with the best quality plastic, and designed in attractive colours, ‘Fashion World’ is a must have for every woman.

We have an extensive range of perfume sprays for men and women under the brand name, ‘Destiny’. Made out of a bouquet of fragrances, ‘Destiny’ perfumes come in convenient 100ml bottles that fit into your hand bag or office bag so that you smell fresh all day long, even in the hottest of months.

Action razors displayed in Supermarkets

Categories & Variants

Action range of shaving products

Categories & Variants

  • Action: Twin & Triple Blades
  • Angel: Twin Blades
  • Fashion World: Combs & Brushes
  • Destiny: Eau de Perfume Vapouriser Sprays in 10 fragrances for men and women


  • Carrefour
  • Union Cooperative
  • Sharjah Cooperative
  • Emirates Cooperative
  • Abu Dhabi Cooperative
  • Safeer Mall

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