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We distribute the Olives and Olive Oil portfolio for the Egyptian Canning Company, or Americana as it is better known in the region. Given our strengths and market presence in the food space in the region, we were an obvious partner for this great range of products. Must have products in any kitchen, Americana Olives and Olive Oils have built a huge fan following among those who have learnt to love the cuisine on the Middle-East. We ensure the availability and manage the promotional activities for the Americana range of Olives and Olive Oils so that the brand continues to be the favourite among consumers in the UAE.

  • Olives: Whole, Pitted, and Sliced, Black and Green Olives in 335g and 700g bottles
  • Virgin & Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 250ml and 500ml

Ask anyone in the UAE, everyone knows Amirah Dates as they stand for the best quality products. Dates are a favourite food in the Middle-East, given the many benefits that they bring - give energy and strengthen bones while fortifying the body against many issues that have become common in modern life e.g. Anemia, Intestinial Disorders, Allergies and many others. They also have a deep cultural significance and are essential during the Ramadan period for their recommended use in breaking the fast.

Australian Pure is yet another product from Natures Organics (Australia) that lives up to its name. Made with naturally derived formulations and native Australian extracts, the Australian Pure Face Wash is gentle on the skin while being tough on the pollutants that we need protection against. Not just that, the natural base ensures that the products leave a minimal negative impact on the environment. These products are the closest one can use to the good old days.

Chrixtina Rocca is a trusted brand among the youth who believe that looking good is half the battle won. They are confident and comfortable with their personality and believe in expressing themselves when in company - the clothes and their appearance makes them stand out in the crowd. Chrixtina Rocca is a wide range of make-up products, each one of them a must have for those who style themselves. Right from brushes to pads and eye-shadow palettes for having fun while being creative, to compact puffs for the quick touch-up, the brand has everything a lady can ask for.

The Classmate range of stationery and student products from ITC have made a strong presence among school goers in the UAE. The range and quality of the products is a delight for those who love the smell and colours of paper and ink. They have something for everyone, as is obvious from the long list of goodies that carry the Classmate logo -Geometry sets, Gel and Octane Ball Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Regular Pencils, Wax and Plastic Crayons, Oil Pastels, Rulers, and most importantly, notebooks.

Cool& Cool is a well-known personal care brand that caters to women, men, and children. The brand spans a wide gamut of uses and has aggregated a band of loyal users in the UAE and beyond. For women it is available in lip balms, make-up removers, strips, face masks, moisturising hand soaps, shower gels, and nail polish removers, while the men's range includes an equally wide portfolio of skin care products. The Cool & Cool brand is also available as mini tissues and napkins, facial tissues, maxi and toilet rolls, kitchen towels, paper rolls, and air fresheners.

Earth Choice is a premium detergent brand from Natures Organics, Australia, and has a proven expertise in the laundry, dish, kitchen, toilet, and floor cleaning spaces. Earth Choice detergents are made with eco-sensitive formulations that minimise the impact on the environment. The products are free of phosphate, bleach and ammonia, and the absence of such ingredients reduces pollution of ground water and preserves the habitat of the animals and birds. Further, Earth Choice detergents only use surfactants that are readily biodegradable, therefore being significantly superior to chemical based products in environmental friendliness.

Nautilus is a packaged Tuna brand from Pataya Foods Thailand, and is a leader across many regions worldwide, and is the #2 brand in France. Tuna is a great source of protein and is eaten by people leading active lives. Nautilus Tuna can be eaten plain, that is straight out of the can or cup, and also tastes good when added to salads, sandwiches, rolls, rice dishes or even gravies. Nautilus Tuna is manufactured with the highest level of quality focus that the highest standards are maintained and the Tuna has a long shelf life of 24 months. It is available in 8 variants:

Value Added Range

  • Green Curry Tuna
  • Red Curry Tuna
  • Tuna in Mayonnaise

Regular Range

  • Light Solid Tuna in Spring Water
  • Light Solid Tuna in Vegetable Oil
  • White Solid Tuna in Spring Water
  • White Solid Tuna in Vegetable Oil
Nautilus Tuna is available across Carrefour, Union Cooperative, Sharjah Cooperative, Emirates Cooperative, Abu Dhabi Cooperative, Al-Ain Cooperative, Safeer Mall, and other outlets near your home.

This range of Shampoos and Moisturising Body Washes are the ultimate protection from the effects of dust and air pollution. Like all the other products from the company, the Natures Organic &Organic Care range are made with ingredients drawn out of natural sources, and hence leave a negligible impact on the environment on being used. They are however, just as effective as any other products in the market, and are preferred by those who take special care to be friendly to our planet.

We are proud to distribute Organyc, a full range of feminine absorbent hygienic products made with certified organic cotton - The brand is owned and manufactured by Corman of Italy, The full range of products include sanitary pads, maternity pads, panty liners, cotton tampons, intimate hygiene wet wipes, cotton nursing pads, and baby wet wipes.The organic cotton is hypoallergenic, i.e. it prevents the occurrence of skin irritations, and is designed to be highly absorbent and breathe well. Unlike other competitors, Organyc products are made using renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials like organic cotton and biopolymers made from corn starch, and hence do not harm the environment when discarded. These products are clinically and dermatologically tested, perfume and chlorine free, tested okay for use by vegans, cellulose and sap free....not just that, their packaging is made with recycled cardboard, to make it stand above the competitive brands.

Set Wet Hair Gels are a premium range of hair styling products from Marico (India) that have expanded their presence in the UAE after exploding the market in India. Set Wet hair gels are good for the hair as they are 100% alcohol free and contain Pro-Vitamin B5, which is a water soluble Vitamin that moisturises the hair, keeping it soft and conditioned, without the ill effects of chemicals used by other brands and products.

Tippy's is a brand from GroupeLemoine, a France based 100% cotton hygiene and skin-care Company. The products set the benchmark for quality as the company controls the entire production chain and none of the constituent parts are outsourced to anyone. Tippy's is available as ear buds, make up pads, cotton pads, wool pleats, and cotton pads for babies.Tippy'sproucts have been certified by the leading bodies like Flo-Cert, Bureau Veritas and EcocertGreenlife and hence conform to the stringent European norms and standards.

The Tigex brand is owned and manufactured by Allegre France, an innovative company that has led the development of products that make parents and babies happy, through a philosophy of constant innovation. Tigex has a wide range of products that feed and pacify infants - feeding bottles, nipples, non-spill cups, wide-neck plastic bottles, and pacifiers. Not just that, Tigex comes in many child-friendly shapes as teethers, soothers and toys to keep the little ones busy and entertained. Not to forget the cute and colourful grooming products like brushes, combs, and nail clippers. Tigex also has other helpful products like liquid cleaners, microwave sterilizers, and bottle drying racks to keep the little women and men healthy and happy.

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