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Recent reports have claimed that over 8 Billion tonnes of plastics have been manufactured and used since the invention of the material. Plastics are used in all aspects of modern life and have begun to poison the environment in a big way. We have therefore introduced a range of environmentally friendly biodegradable garbage bags that help our consumers reduce the use of harmful plastics. We have adopted the principle of 'the 1% change', so that we help our consumers take small steps to help save our planet from harmful plastics.

From our research we have understood that many households use plastic shopping bags in their dustbins. These shopping bags take 10-20 years to degrade, that too only when exposed to sunlight and oxygen. Which is why we recommend 'the 1% change' through the use of our biodegradable garbage bags which are manufactured with the addition of d2w that ensures the garbage bags degrade in 12-24 months, thus preventing any harm to the environment.

Our garbage bag brands are manufactured under stringent quality conditions in our own facilities at Al Baraka Plastics LLC and Virgin Plastics LLC, both of which have the latest in machinery and use chemical additives sourced from reputed companies for the process of making biodegradable plastic garbage bags. We also have a range of anti-bacterial garbage bags that inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould, algae, fungi, and yeast from food refuse, thus keeping our hands safe from infection.

We have five biodegradable garbage bag brands that are made available across the UAE keeping in mind the specific needs of our Retail and HORECA Customers and Consumers. 'Enviro Care' is the largest biodegradable garbage bag brand in the UAE with a 45% plus market share in the hypermarket-supermarket retail space. Enviro Care has led the category growth and has built a reputation for innovation in formats based on consumer need gaps. We today have over a 100 types of sizes and formats including flats, rolls, wave tops, scented bags, and sufra rolls, each of which have been a first in the market and have soon been adopted by many of our competing brands.

We also have four other brands, 'Nature's Enviro Care', 'Home Care', 'Bacti Guard' and 'Earth Choice', which have found traction with our consumers not just in the UAE but across strategic markets in the GCC region. Of these, 'Earth Choice', 'Home Care' and 'Bacti Guard' have a specific range with anti-bacterial properties that ensure the safety of our near and dear ones at home.


Categories & Variants

  • Flats: These are the most common packaging format bought and used by home-makers and small offices as they are easy to store and handle, plus they are cost effective packs.
  • Rolls: Like Flats, Rolls provide both ease of use and storage to the budget conscious home-maker.
  • Wave Tops: These are specially designed bags that come with an inbuilt string that secures the garbage bag at the mouth thus preventing spillage. Also the bottom is constructed in such a way that the heavy weight of garbage is evenly distributed so that the garbage bags do not tear. Wave Top bags are recommended for hotels, restaurants, malls, factories and office cafeterias where the amount of waste generated is high.
  • Scented Bags: We manufacture scented garbage bags with attractive fragrances like lavender and jasmine so that the odour of garbage is not felt in air-conditioned areas. These bags are ideal for hotel rooms, office spaces and homes.
  • Sufra Rolls: Family meals are messy, especially in the Middle East and in the Indian subcontinent thanks to the gravy that makes the food tasty. More so if children are at the table. Sufra Rolls are patterned sheets that can spread over table-ware so that they remain stain free.
  • Anti-Bacterials: As mentioned above, We introduce a special chemical called d2p that coats the sides of the biodegradable bags and inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria, mould, algae, fungi, and yeast from food refuse. This is an especially good buy for the kitchen, where food waste tends to degrade faster in the hot temperatures of the region.


  • Carrefour
  • Lulu Hypermarket
  • Union Cooperative
  • Sharjah Cooperative
  • Emirates Cooperative
  • Abu Dhabi Cooperative
  • Safeer Mall
  • Ramez
  • Apsara
  • KM Trading
  • Ansar Mall
  • And many independent neighbourhood stores

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