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SMEG Distribution DMCC is a subsidiary of Phoenix Group (, a global agrifoods and resources company engaged in production, procurement, processing, merchanting, distribution and wholesale of commodities through our balanced integrated supply chain. The investment into SMEG Distribution DMCC was made as a thrust into the retail distribution, branding, and marketing space in order to extend Phoenix Group's strength into the growing space.

SMEG Distribution DMCC is a holding company that designs and develops food and non-food brands and builds their commercial success based on expertise in distribution and supply chain management through strategic investments in specific components of the value chain

  • Strategic upstream and downstream investments have been made in order to increase presence and control of the value chain into:

    • Manufacturing of biodegradable plastic garbage bags, carry bags etc.
    • Domain expertise in Food & Non-Food FMCG, and Lifestyle brands
    • Acquisition of Desert Style LLC thereby integrating a portfolio of lifestyle and sports brands into the distribution business
    • Source and package dry food items and supply to retail establishments under their brand name who wish to develop their private label brands

  • SMEG Distribution DMCC has also invested ahead of the curve to strengthen the core distribution business through:

    • Unified Warehousing Operations: Managed by Centralised Demand Planning & Brand Teams to Deliver Consistent Value & Growth
    • Strategic outlays to drive warehouse automation and enable smooth scaling of order volumes
    • Strengthening the team performance through rigorous training and partnerships with retail and other customers

"SMEG Distribution DMCC is a vital strategic investment for the Phoenix Group that allows us to expand our presence downstream into the space of branding and retail distribution. We look to maximise our strengths in the commodity merchanting business and increase our value by building and managing a portfolio successful consumer brands"

- Gaurav Dhawan, Executive Chairman, Phoenix Group

About Us

The SMEG Distribution DMCC Holding Structure

  • Zarah: The fastest growing food brand in the UAE
  • Enviro Care: 50% + market share in modern trade in the biodegradable garbage bags category
  • Nature's Cotton Soft: Everyone's favourite range of Cotton make-up and skin care products
  • Action Blades: The best companion for the well groomed man
  • Jansport: Our bags come with a 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Crep Protect: The best way to protect your shoes from scratches and the weather - Made in UK
  • Lotto Sport: An extensive range of sport and exercise wear
  • Tretorn: Style that never goes out of fashion
  • Wrangler shoes: The American Icon

'the 1% change' is a Phoenix Group promise to look at environment and planet friendly solutions to issues that we face on a daily basis. It is our belief that small steps taken in the right direction will result in positive changes that benefit our planet and all those who live on it. We encourage our customers to use biodegradable garbage bags in their waste baskets instead of harmful plastic shopping bags. Likewise, Platinumcare has a wide range of cutlery and table-ware made out of environment friendly bamboo pulp, in place of paper, thermocol, or plastics. We encourage the shareholders in our success to reuse, recycle, and practice sustainable living in all aspects of their daily life.

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